Singapore Writers Festival 2017

Singapore has always been an advocate of education and writing. It is this passion to spread education for all that led to the formation of the Singapore Writers Festival. This festival started in 1986 and has been conducted every year in Singapore. It aims to give a chance to the upcoming as well as established writers to showcase their literary talent. Writers from all around the world are welcomed to this prestigious country in Asia.

The Singapore Writers Festival is one of the few multi-lingual literary festivals held in the world which makes it more special. The festival also aims to promote other forms of modern literature. This includes visual literary techniques and other art forms that support literature. The organizing team of this festival does a great job everywhere to help aid upcoming writers and provide a comfortable stay to the writers coming from outside Singapore.

How this Event / Programme is good for Students and Teachers?

The Singapore Writers Festival is aimed at improving the general public’s perception about and on literature. Another program of this festival specifically targets schools, students and teachers. The program designed for schools is a specialized part of the event. The primary aim of this section is to get students to understand that reading and writing are a central component of every career. Whatever you want to study and whatever path in education you are interested in, you need to be able to comprehend the literature.

The program has interactive talks and workshops with prestigious writers who deal with students in a manner where they understand the importance of the workshops. New and innovative techniques are used in the program. Creativity is encouraged and students and teachers are taught to express themselves in the most effective manner. History, culture studies and personal identity are the main focus of the program. Students are also taught to understand the basics of mystery and to critique the various pieces of literature.

For teachers, this program is very beneficial because genres of poetry, fiction, comics and theatre are also taught. The languages used are English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. The results of this program have been evaluated since it started and every year, more and more students and teachers come to attend it. The satisfaction level has increased in the past several years encouraging the team of Singapore Writers Festival to give more input into delivering the best to the attendees.

Who are Speakers, Sponsors & Partners?

The speakers of the Singapore Writers Festival vary in specialization. Some of them write for kids aged 3-25 years old. In this category, there are several genres which are targeted. The aim of the festival is to gather as many of these writers as is possible. Each person brings a series of innovative writing techniques. The speakers are selected from within and outside Singapore. Their availability is noted and the programs are designed in such a way that most people can attend them.

The sponsors of the festival include U.S Embassy in Singapore, Culture Ireland, Lee Foundation, Author Learning Centre and many other honorable organizations and companies. The sponsors understand that the festival is so much more than an event which gathers literature lovers. It is a gateway to the literary success of Singapore. They sponsor individual programs and also sponsor the whole festival to make it successful.

The partners of the Singapore Writers Festival include National Arts Council Singapore and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. These are two organizations that have helped in bringing the festival to life and to help the public understand why this festival is so important for them. The aid of these speakers, sponsors and partners is greatly appreciated.

Why SWF is the Singapore Best Young Writer’s Forum for Learning Writing Skills?

The Singapore Writers Festival is the best Young writer’s forum to learn writing because it offers a variety of techniques to encourage students to pursue writing. The festival is a multi-lingual platform where every youngster can learn something that interests them.

Many students face the problem for not knowing a language but are forced to study it in school. They cannot excel in such a situation. The festival helps such students to overcome the usual problems and give them solutions to find a way to excel in all literary forms. Without good writing skills, it is very tough to excel in life. Youngsters have to know the main forms of literature and their details. This festival is also the best forum to learn writing because it does not focus on the traditional means of writing. It provides interactive workshops to give youngsters an experience of learning new forms of writing.

Everything is changing so quickly, there is no need of sticking to the old methods. The festival promotes change. The festival calls different writers from all around the world who share their stories and experiences. When young people spend time with such successful people, they are inspired and they want to work hard to achieve what these writers have. This festival is hence, a platform which motivates young writers. The Singapore Writers Festival is a very inspiring and interactive forum for youngsters and it gets students to be smarter about their life. The main focus on writing is the key to success.


The Singapore Writers Festival is an inspiration for every child and adult who loves literature. Whether it is reading or writing, you should be a part of this festival if you want to experience the literature of Asia. Singapore is a prestigious country in terms of culture and education. It hosts hundreds of literature lovers every year and gives them the most comfortable stay.

The festival is a step towards promoting young writers who need a platform to make their work recognized by people. The need for such platforms is dire and Singapore should be given credit for this festival. The different writers which come as speakers to the festival brief people about their journey and are an inspiration to the many young and rising literature lovers. They show people that turning dreams into realities is possible and that if you work hard, you will succeed.